Parking Lots

Exceptional Parking Lot Services

Revitalize Your Parking Lots

General Cleaning Corporation cleaning specialists can revitalize your business's parking lots by painting new stripes and designated handicapped parking signs.

The signs on the parking lots may fade over time, which can lead to unwanted accidents due to visibility issues. Before that happens, call us! You would not want to be held liable for any parking lot mishap. If you are a new customer, get a 10% discount on utilizing this service for the first time.
Parking lot

Parking Lot Services

  • Paint parking stall lines
  • Re-stripe existing lines
  • Layout and stripe new blacktop
  • Stripe curbs and fire lanes
  • Stripe handicap stalls
  • Paint directional arrows
  • Number parking stalls
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With over 58 years of experience, we have been serving Duluth businesses since 1959. Call us now!
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